2017 NE Ag Tech Association Conference

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Held at Nebraska Innovation Campus, 2021 Transformation Drive, Lincoln 68508

Wednesday – February 1
9:00 AM Conference Check-In (First Floor)
10:00 AM Opening Remarks by Chris Cunningham, Nebraska Agricultural Technologies Association (NeATA) President (Auditorium)
10:10 AM Imagery in Ag Symposium (Auditorium)

●      Remote Sensing Applications for US Crop Monitoring by Rick Mueller, Head of USDA-NASS Spatial Analysis Research

●      Planet Agriculture Monitoring by Lee Smith, Director of North American Sale for Planet Labs Inc.

11:30 PM Lunch (Banquet Hall)
12:10 PM Imagery in Ag Symposium (Auditorium)

●      Aerial Imagery to Actionable Items by Brian Sutton, Founder of AirScout

●      Remote Sensing for Decision Agriculture by Nate Taylor, Business Developer for Aeroptic

1:30 PM Break – Exhibits Open (First Floor)
1:40 PM Imagery in Ag Symposium (Auditorium)

      Large-scale UAS Applications to Agriculture – 2016 by John Nowatzki, North Dakota State University Extension Ag Machine Systems Specialist

●      Why bother with drones (UAVs) and data for ag? by Jason Barton, VP of Sales for AgriBotix

3:00 PM Imagery in Ag – Panel Discussion (Auditorium)
4:00 –5:00 PM Tours and Demonstrations (Optional): Split into two groups, group 1 starts at Greenhouses and group 2 starts at Food Science

●      Greenhouse Innovation Center with Troy Pabst, Research Managers

●      Food Processing Center with Jill Gifford, National Food Entrepreneur Program Manager

Thursday – February 2
7:00 AM Registration – Exhibits Open (First Floor)
8:00 AM NeATA & Nebraska Extension: Looking Back and Moving Forward by Dave Varner, Associate Dean for Nebraska Extension (Auditorium)
First Floor General Management

(Room A1-A2)

Water Management

(Room A3)

Data Management

(Room B1-B2)

Machinery & Hardware

(Room B3)

9:00 AM

Variable Rate Manure Application
Andy Scholting, President of Nutrient Advisors

  • Products
  •  Need
  • Rx Strategies
  • Application Methods

NRD Groundwater Surveying
 Tylr Naprstek, Water Modeling Coordinator Lower Loup NRD


Multi-Hybrid Planting Considerations in Nebraska
Rachel Stevens, UNL

  • Preparing for multi-hybrid planting
  •  Review & discuss 2016 results
  •  Hurdles to multi-hybrid adoption

Ruminating on ‘Precision Dairy’ (via Zoom)
Dr. Leo Timms, Iowa State University

  • Past, current, & future technologies in dairy
  •  Economics and adoption
  • Animal activity and behavior monitoring systems
9:50 AM Break – View Exhibits (First Floor)
First Floor General Management

(Room A1-A2)

Water Management

(Room A3)

Data Management

(Room B1-B2)

Machinery & Hardware

(Room B3)

10:15 AM Project SENSE – On-Farm Trials to Evaluate Sensor-Based N Management
Joel Crowther, UNL

  • Sensor-based N fertilization is a tool for increasing profitability while reducing groundwater nitrate contamination.
  •  Project SENSE seeks to promote adoption of in-season N fertilization for corn
Remote Sensing and Variable Rate Irrigation
Derek Heeren, UNL

  •  Remote sensing spatial evapotranspiration modeling for irrigation management
  •  Application in variable rate irrigation management
Leveraging the Nebraska Spatial Data Structure
Nathan Watermeier, Nebraska GIS Coordinator

  • Statewide data acquisition efforts for imagery and LiDAR
  • How state government is using geospatial data
  • NebraskaMAP – Access to Nebraska’s geospatial data and maps
Growing Margins Through Grain Storage Technology
Todd Sears President of IntelliFarms
11:05 AM

High Throughput Plant Phenotyping
Yufeng Ge, UNL Advanced Sensing Systems Engineer

  •  UNL’s high throughput plant phenotyping infrastructure
  • Greenhouse and field phenotyping projects
  •  Great potential for Nebraska growers

Cover Crops & Soil Water Dynamics in No-till Cropping Systems
Kraig Roozeboom, KSU

  • Cover crops (CC) provide many soil health & crop production benefits
  •  CC use water in the process of providing those benefits
  • How annual rainfall plays a factor in CC use

AgriEdge Excelsior
Jason Skalsky, AgriEdge Specialists

  • Understand field level profitability
  • Digitally organize farm data and automatically access data through OEM controller integrations
  • create reports and manage inventory

Agricultural Machinery Data Collection and Analysis
 John T. Evans, UNL

  • Harvest Logistics
  • Spray Application
  •  In-Field Power Requirements


12:00 PM Lunch (Banquet Hall)
12:45 PM Nebraska On-Farm Research Network by Laura Thompson, Nebraska Extension On-Farm Research Coordinator (Auditorium)
1:00 PM NeATA Business Meeting (Auditorium)
1:15 PM Ag Data Issues and The Agricultural Data Coalition by Jeremy Wilson, Technology Specialist with Crop IMS  (Auditorium)
2:05 PM Break – View Exhibits and Move to Breakout Sessions (First Floor)
2:20 PM

Understanding My Within-Field Variability
Nathan Mueller, UNL

  •  Post-processing and cleaning yield data
  • Using multi-year yield, historical imagery, soil EC, & scouting.
  • Managing the within field variability

Welcome to Aquamart: an Introduction
John Heaston

  • Promoting effective farm scale water management
  •  Developing water leadership at all levels
  • Fostering better partnership and collaboration for the sustainable water management of Nebraska

Granular’s Guide to Growing Profits
Dakota Hoben

  • State of technology in Farming today – disconnected and few synergies
  • How Granular is transforming Farming – real-time data for in season insights
  • Big Data: AcreValue – knowledge is power in farmland market

Autonomous Tractor Corporation
Kraig Schulz – CEO

  • Autonomy is only of many ambitions to improve farm productivity
  • How is autonomous technology is likely to be implemented
  • The operational considerations of autonomy
3:10PM Assembling the Precision Agriculture Puzzle for Farm Profit by Lisa Prassack, AgriFood Innovation Expert and Data Strategy Consultant (Auditorium)
4:00 PM Conference Wrap-up (Auditorium)

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